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I set up this web site to be a place where I can share information about the Swampscott School Committee and conduct an open (or at least moderated) public dialogue. Currently the School Committee posts minimal information (minutes since January, 2006), accessible through the web site of (Note: new SPS URL in Sep, 2007):
Swampscott Public School's District Page.
Until such time that the School Committee makes information readily available on an official web site, I will try to share information that is appropriate, relevant and that I understand should be made available to the public. This will not include any information that should be kept confidential. In the event that information published on this web site contradicts information that is published by the Swampscott Public Schools or the Swampscott School Committee, those latter two sources should be assumed to be correct.
I plan send out an e-mail update each time that I have information that I think is relevant to School Committee events and publications. Would you like to receive an e-mail with updates or to request to send a moderated message to all subscribers?   -   Updates
Public Forums
I had hoped to start out with a set of Public Forums (bulletin boards), but have postponed exposing that part of this web site. More information - Forums

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, suggestions, requests for information or to notify me of any errors in posted information.
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